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2024-2025 Shepherd University Catalog 
2024-2025 Shepherd University Catalog

Courses by Department



NOTE:  300- and 400- level courses are restricted to students who are sophomore-level and above.

Shepherd University

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Contemporary Art, Communication, and Theater

Art (Contemporary)

 (Also see Graphic Design and Photography/Computer Imagery)

Art Education


Graphic Design

(Also see Art (Contemporary) and Photography/Computer Imagery)


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School of Music


**For sophomore standing in Music, students must have completed at least 24 credits, including MUSC 100 , MUSC 103 , MUSC 104 , MUSC 105 , and MUSC 106  with a grade of C or better.

Music, Applied

Students receive individualized isntruction on literature, technique and performance skills.

Students receive one‑half credit for a weekly 25-minute lesson, one credit for a weekly 50-minute lesson. All students who enroll for a private applied lesson must also be enrolled in a major ensemble. Students who wish to take lessons without this requirement are encouraged to enroll in the Department of Music Preparatory Program by calling 304-876-5555.

First-year (FR) students enroll in 1XX MUAP courses (repeatable up to a maximum of 3 credits).  Sophomores and above enroll in 3XX MUAP courses (repeatable for credit).

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English, History, and Modern Languages



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Social and Applied Behavioral Sciences


Criminal Justice


Global Studies

Political Science

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College of Business, Recreation, and Education


Business, Accounting, Economics, and Finance


Aviation Management

Business Administration



School of Education


Recreation, Sport, and Exercise Sciences

Athletic Coaching

Driver Education

General Studies Physical Education

The general studies physical education program is part of the University-wide Core Curriculum. The GSPE program provides students with information to help them maintain healthy lifestyles, understand the elements of fitness, and develop a commitment to lifetime fitness and wellness. All students are required to complete a Wellness (WE) course for three credit hours.

Health Education

Lifetime Fitness Activities

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Interdisciplinary Studies

Appalachian Studies

Gender and Women’s Studies


Washington Semester

College of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Nursing

Natural and Physical Sciences



Environmental Studies

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Computer Sciences, Mathematics, and Engineering

Computer and Information Sciences

Computer and Information Technology

Computer Engineering

Data Analytics


Engineering courses are open only to students admitted to the Engineering Transfer Program, unless permission is obtained from the director of engineering.


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School of Nursing


The curriculum listing in the Programs of Study chapter of this Catalog represents the approved sequence of nursing course work. All courses in the sequence must be completed prior to moving to the next sequence of courses.

Graduate Studies

Anthropology (Graduate)

Appalachian Studies (Graduate)

Art (Graduate)

Biology (Graduate)

College Student Development and Administration (Graduate)

Communication (Graduate)

Data Analytics (Graduate)

Economics (Graduate)

Education (Graduate)

Education: Curriculum and Instruction (Graduate)

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Libraries and Information Sciences

Library Science

Teaching, Learning, and Instructional Resources

Career Readiness

First-Year Experience

Senior-Year Experience

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