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2020-2021 Shepherd University Catalog 
2020-2021 Shepherd University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Science Teaching Field Grades 5-Adult, B.A.

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The Department of Biology and the Department of Physical Sciences jointly offer a comprehensive program of courses in the natural sciences which allows students to obtain the knowledge base and experiences necessary to become certified to teach science in grades 5-Adult, or for students not majoring in biology or chemistry to minor in general science.

The general science curricula enable students to build knowledge bases about their physical and biochemical universe; foster an attitude of inquiry; and develop a functional understanding of the process of science, the interrelatedness of the various scientific disciplines, and the interactions of science, society, and technology. These curricula also provide opportunities for students to develop a variety of laboratory and technical skills vital to success in the pursuit of knowledge in the natural sciences. In addition to the above goals, the general science 5-Adult teaching field complies with and endorses the conceptual framework of the Shepherd University teacher education program and strives to produce teachers who are capable reflective problem solvers.

Curriculum for a Teaching Field in General Science Grades 5-Adult

Specific Core Curriculum requirements:

See course listings under Education for professional courses

Required courses, 47 Hours:


Notes Concerning Electives in General Science: Electives must be upper-division BIOL, CHEM, and GSCI courses. Electives must be distributed between the aforementioned disciplines. Electives must be approved by the NSTSC. Strongly recommended courses are BIOL 301  Microbiology, BIOL 344 - Genetics , BIOL 394 - Principles of Biological Research , CHEM 315 /CHEM 316 - Organic Chemistry II , CHEM 315L /CHEM 316L - Organic Chemistry II Laboratory , CHEM 325 - Computers in Science , and GSCI 306 - Introduction to Oceanography and Laboratory .

Notes Concerning the Math Requirement: The prerequisite for MATH 205  and MATH 314  is mathematical competence equivalent to the successful completion of MATH 108 - Precalculus  or MATH 154 - Finite Mathematics .

Other Requirements: Although one may declare secondary education with a specializations in general science education 5-Adult as a major upon admission to the University, to be officially admitted to the Shepherd University teacher education program and pursue this teaching field the student must meet the following criteria as well as those criteria that apply to all teaching specializations:

  1. The student must have completed BIOL 208 - Plants As Organisms , BIOL 209 - Animals As Organisms , CHEM 207  and CHEM 209  General Chemistry, CHEM 207L  and CHEM 209L  General Chemistry Lab or their equivalents with a grade of C or better in each course, and
  2. The student must have completed a minimum of 24 semester house of academic work at Shepherd University with an overall GPA of at least 2.5 and a GPA of at least 2.5 in this specialization.

See professional education course listings under Education: Professional Studies Core for Secondary Education (37 hours required). Special Methods of Teaching Science is EDUC 423 .

Retention in and completion of this program require the student to meet retention, admission to student teaching, and certification standards set by the Professional Education Unit Council. All of the standards for this program can be found in Information and Planning Handbook for Students Pursuing the Biology 9-Adult, Chemistry 9-Adult, and General Science 5-Adult Specializations.

Contact Person: Dr. Burt Lidgerding, Byrd Science Center 216, 304-876-5231.

Four-Year Course Progression

General Science, 5-Adult
Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit   Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit
BIOL 208   Plants as Organisms 4   BIOL 209   Animals as Organisms 4
CHEM 207, 207L   General Chemistry and Lab 4   CHEM 209, 209L   General Chemistry and Lab 4
Core Curriculum 1 ENGL 101 3   Core Curriculum 1 ENGL 102 3
COMM 202   Fundamentals of Speech 3   MATH 314   Statistics 3
EDUC 150   Seminar in Education 1   Core Curriculum 2 Arts (AR) 3
    TOTAL 15       TOTAL 17
Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit   Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit
BIOL 225   Human Anatomy and Physiology I 3   BIOL 226   Human Anatomy and Physiology II 3
EDUC 200   Foundations of American Education 3   EDUC 320   Social and Psychological Conditions of Learning 4
GSCI 301   Physical Geology 4   Elective   Science Elective 3
Core Curriculum 1 History 3   Core Curriculum 2 Wellness (WE) 3
SOCI 203 2 General Sociology 3   MATH 205   Calculus with Applications 4
    TOTAL 17       TOTAL 17
Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit   Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit
GSCI 303   Meteorology 4   GSCI 302   General Astronomy 4
EDUC 360   Survey of Exceptional Children 3   EDUC 370   Creating Learning Environments 4
Core Curriculum   Humanities Core 3   Science Elective   Science Elective and Lab 4
PHYS 201, 201L   College Physics I and Lab 4   PHYS 202, 202L   College Physics II and Lab 4
    TOTAL 14       TOTAL 16
Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit   Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit
Science Elective   Science Elective and Lab 4   EDUC 400   Inclusion in the Regular Classroom 3
EDUC 380   Technology in 21st Century Teaching and Learning 3   EDUC 457   Student Teaching, Grades 9-12 9
EDUC 423   Special Methods of Teaching Science 3       TOTAL 12
EDUC 443   Reading in the Content Areas 3          
    TOTAL 13       DEGREE TOTAL 120
15 April 2013                


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