Jun 28, 2022  
2021-2022 Shepherd University Catalog 
2021-2022 Shepherd University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Faculty Emeriti

Dr. Charlotte R. Anderson, Professor Emerita of Nursing Education, 1975-2010.

Dr. Barbara Beard, Professor Emerita of Business Administration, 1976-2001.

Katie J. Begole, Assistant Professor Emerita of Family and Consumer Sciences, 1969-1997.

Mr. L. Dow Benedict IV, Professor of Art, Dean-College of Arts and Humanities and Vice President for Presidential Initiatives and Capital Fundraising, Emeritus, 1971-2020.

Dr. Roland W. Bergman, Professor Emeritus of Geography, 1974-2018.

Dr. Philip Bufithis, Professor Emeritus of English, 1971-2004.

Dr. James A. Butcher, President Emeritus, 1968-1988.

Dr. Robert A. Cleminson, Professor Emeritus of Education, 1972-2002.

Gayle L. Connor, Athletic Trainer and Clinical Instructor Emeritus in Physical Education, 1984-2015.

Dr. Kathleen Corpus, Associate Professor Emerita of Family and Consumer Sciences, 2008-2018.

Dr. K. Farrell Coy, Professor Emeritus of Music, 1967-1998.

Dr. Geri Crawley-Woods, Professor Emerita of Social Work, 1976-2020.

Dr. Momodou Darboe, Professor Emeritus of Sociology, 1986-2020.

Dr. E. Gordon DeMeritt, Associate Professor Emeritus of Business Administration, 2003-2018.

Dr. Dan DiLella, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, 1994-2020.

Kathy B. Dilley, Associate Professor Emerita of Nursing Education, 1993-2015.

Dr. David L. Dunlop, President Emeritus and Professor Emeritus of Science Education, 1996-2007.

Dr. Linda S. Dunn, Professor Emerita of Education, 1976-88 and 2005-2010.

Dr. Denise P. Eggleston, Associate Professor Emerita of Education, 1976-1998.

Charles H. Freeland, Associate Professor Emeritus of Education, 1963-1988.

Dr. Richard L. Gibson, Associate Professor Emeritus of Physical Education, 1976-2013.

Dr. David Gonzol, Professor Emeritus of Music, 2005-2020.

Roger Hamood, Associate Professor Emeritus of Accounting, 1978-2019.

Dr. c. lynne hannah, Professor Emerita of Education,1999-2020.

Dr. Anders H. Henriksson, Professor Emeritus of History, 1985-2016.

Ann W. Henriksson, Lecturer/Associate Librarian Emerita, 1986-2016.

Dr. Donald L. Henry, Professor Emeritus of Physics, 1985-2009.

Beverly K. Holden, Associate Professor Emerita of Physical Education, 1966-1998.

Dr. James C. Holland, Professor Emeritus of History, 1971-2004.

Dr. Douglas Charles Horner, Professor Emeritus of Social Work, 1976-2016.

Dr. J. Michael Jacobs, Professor Emeritus of Physical Education, 1971-2011.

Dr. Doug Kennard, Professor Emeritus of Education, 1992-2020.

Barbara Kemerer, Associate Professor Emerita of Nursing Education, 1996-2015.

Anne L. Kerfoot, Assistant Professor Emerita of Computer and Information Sciences, 1982-2002.

Dr. John P. King, Professor Emeritus of Education, 1970-1998.

Dr. Linda Paul Kinney, Associate Professor Emerita of Economics, 1994-2018.

Dr. Suda Kunyosying, Professor Emerita of Mathematics, 1985-2008.

Dr. John C. Landolt, Professor Emeritus of Biology, 1970-2008.

Dr. Richard L. Latterell, Professor Emeritus of Biology, 1968-1992.

Dr. James A. Lewin, Professor Emeritus of English,1995-2018.

Dr. Burton C. Lidgerding, Associate Professor Emeritus of Biology, 1991-2015.

Dr. Nick Martin, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, 1989-2021.

Barbara A. Maxwell, Associate Librarian Emerita, 1966-2011.

Dr. Betty Myers, Associate Professor Emerita of Education, 1985-2005.

Mary Porter, Professor Emerita of Nursing, 1985-2003.

Dr. Hang Yul Rhee, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Political Science, 1968-2009.

Dr. Ellen R. Sallee, Professor Emerita of Education, 1994-2006.

Dr. John F. Schmidt, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, 1968-2008.

Dr. John A. Schultz, Associate Professor Emeritus of Economics, 1988-2017.

Dr. Phillip D. Simpson, Professor Emeritus of Biology, 1978-2016.

Rhonda J. Smith, Professor Emerita of Art, 1987-2018.

Dr. Edward Snyder, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Geology, 1986-2021.

Dr. Jennifer H. Soule, Professor Emerita of Social Work, 1980-1999.

Dr. John E. Stealey III, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History, 1969-2011.

Dr. Patricia T. Stealey, Associate Professor Emerita of Family and Consumer Sciences, 1969-2008.

Dr. Mark Stern, University Professor Emeritus of Political Science, 1994-2013.

Dr. Franklin W. Sturges, Professor Emeritus of Biology, 1972-1990.

Joseph W. Thatcher, Associate Professor Emeritus of Accounting, 1984-2013.

Dr. Jerry B. Thomas, Professor Emeritus of History, 1972-2009.

Dr. Georgiann Toole, Associate Professor Emerita of Education, 2007-2018.

Dr. Eugene J. Volker, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, 1969-2012.

Dr. Joyce Webb, Associate Professor Emerita of Communication, 1979-2014.

Dr. Denis J. Woods,  Associate Professor Emeritus of Political Science, 1992-2010.

Charles H. Woodward, Associate Professor Emeritus of Biology, 1964-1998.

Melvin C. Wyler, Assistant Professor Emeritus of Speech, 1968-1980.