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2022-2023 Shepherd University Catalog 
2022-2023 Shepherd University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Nursing Comprehensive, B.S.N.

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Vision Statement

We will be a nationally respected community of nurse leaders where passion, purpose, and experience unite to inspire health in individuals, families, communities, and populations.


Mission Statement

Shepherd University’s School of Nursing’s mission is to enhance the health status of the world by educating professional nurses for practice in a rapidly changing health care environment. We are dedicated to the university core values of learning, engagement, integrity, accessibility, and community.


Program Goals

The goals of the BSN program are to prepare a graduate who is able to:

1.  Integrate a background of liberal arts with the knowledge, skills, and values of professional nursing in order to affect the health of the patient.

2.  Practice professional nursing utilizing skills in communication, clinical judgment, patient-centered care and professionalism.

3.  Engage in teamwork with members of the intra- and inter-professional health care team promoting safe, quality, cost-effective, patient-centered care.

4.  Engage in self-care, service, lifelong learning, and continued scholarship.

Please note that there are specific admission requirements  for entrance into the Nursing program at Shepherd University.

Curriculum for a Comprehensive Major in Nursing

Total hours required for the degree, 120 Hours:

Specific core curriculum and nursing prerequisites, 58 Hours:

The BSN requires specific courses to satisfy some Core Curriculum  requirements (Lab Sciences and Social Science).  Grades of C or better required in all prerequisite courses listed.


It is recommended that science courses be taken in order listed.

*CHEM 125/125L requires MATH 105  as a prerequisite.

**Any college-level ethics course can be substituted for NURS 320 .

Four-Year Course Progression

Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit   Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit
FYEX 1 First-Year Experience 1   ENGL 102 1 Writing and Rhetoric II 3
MATH 105 1 Math* 3   BIOL 226 1 Anatomy and Physiology II 3
BIOL 225 1 Anatomy and Physiology I 3   BIOL 228 1 Anatomy and Physiology II Lab (LS) 1
BIOL 227 1 Anatomy and Physiology I Lab (LS) 1   Core Curriculum 2 Humanities Core 3
ENGL 101 1 Writing and Rhetoric I 3   MATH 314 OR   Statistics OR  
SOCI 203 2 General Sociology 3   BADM 224   Business Statistics OR  
    TOTAL 14   PSYC 250   Statistics for the Social Sciences^ 3-4
              TOTAL 13-14
*Depending on your math placement scores, additional math courses may be required to be able to take MATH 105.     ^Any college level statistics course is acceptable.  
Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit   Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit
CHEM 125   Chemistry for the Health Sciences** 3   Core Curriculum 2 Wellness Core 3
CHEM 125L   Chemistry for the Health Sciences Lab** 1   NURS 320   Bioethics^^ 3
Core Curriculum 2 Humanities Core 3   BIOL 302   Microbiology with Lab 4
PSYC 101 2 Introduction to Psychology (SO-MD) 3   NUTR 318   Nutrition 3
Core Curriculum 2 Social Science Core 3   Core Curriculum 2 Art Core 3
Core Curriculum 1 History Core 3       TOTAL 16
    TOTAL 16   ^^Any college level ethics course is acceptable.  
**This course must be taken at Shepherd University.            
Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit   Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit
NURS 330   Patient-Centered Care: Foundations of Nursing 4   NURS 340   Patient-Centered Care: Behavioral Health 5
NURS 331   Performance Outcomes I 1   NURS 341   Performance Outcomes II 1
NURS 332   Patient-Centered Care: Older Adult 2   NURS 342   Patient-Centered Care: Adult Health I 6
NURS 333   Health Assessment 3   NURS 345   Genetics and Genomics in Nursing 3
NURS 334   Pharmacotherapeutics 3       TOTAL 15
NURS 335   Nursing Informatics 3          
    TOTAL 16          
Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit   Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit
NURS 430   Patient-Centered Care: Children and Families 4   NURS 442   Patient-Centered Care: Population Health 5
NURS 431   Performance Outcomes III 1   NURS 443   Leadership 3
NURS 432   Patient-Centered Care: Adult Health II 6   NURS 444 3 Capstone Immersion Experience 4
NURS 438   Patient-Centered Care: Childbearing Family 4   NURS 445   NCLEX-RN Preparation 1
    TOTAL 15   NURS 437 2 Nursing Research and Evidence-based Practice (WM) 3
              TOTAL 16
July 8, 2020         DEGREE TOTAL 120


R.N.-to-B.S.N. Curriculum Plan

RN to BSN Track Requirements, 30 Hours:

 It is expected that RNs will complete the required Core Curriculum  courses before applying to the nursing program. Please see the RN to BSN Coordinator for assistance in program planning.

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