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2022-2023 Shepherd University Catalog 
2022-2023 Shepherd University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematics Teaching Field Grades 5-Adult, B.A.

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Program Learning Goals for Secondary Education: Mathematics 5-Adult


  • To develop the mathematics skills needed to teach among the major mathematical domains: Number; Algebra and Functions; Statistics and probability; Geometry, Trigonometry, and Measurement; Calculus; and Discrete Mathematics.
  • To develop and train students in mathematical processes of problem solving; reason and communicate mathematically; and engage in mathematical modeling.
  • To train students to plan rigorous and engaging mathematics instruction supporting students’ equitable access and culturally responsible opportunities for learning.
  • To develop and train effective and equitable teaching practices to support rigorous mathematical learning for a full range of cognitive abilities of diverse populations of students.
  • To foster research based assessments and use evidence of students’ learning to improve instruction and subsequent student learning.
  • To foster networking and professional growth opportunities to support student learning, and to create more equitable mathematics learning environments.
  • To engage students in a planned sequence of field experiences and clinical practice in diverse settings under the supervision of experienced and highly qualified mathematics teachers.

Curriculum for Mathematics Teaching Field Grades 5-Adult


Special Requirement:  To graduate, prospective student teachers must pass PRAXIS II Math Content.

See professional education course listings under

  (35 hours required). Special Methods of Teaching Mathematics is EDUC 420 .

Contact Person:  Dr. Karen Adams, kadams@shepherd.edu, Stutzman-Slonaker 311B, 304-876-5772

Four-Year Course Progression

Mathematics Teaching Field Grades 5-Adult
Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit   Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit
Core Curriculum 1 ENGL 101 3   Core Curriculum 1 ENGL 102 3
Core Curriculum 1 History-100 Level 3   EDUC 150   Seminar in Education 1
COMM 202 2 Fundamentals of Speech (HM-GL) (Req.) 3   MATH 208   Calculus II 4
MATH 155   Discrete Structures 3   ECON 205   Principles of Macroeconomics (SO-CK) (Req.) 3
MATH 207   Calculus* (MA) (Req.) 4   Core Curriculum 2 Tier 2 HM 3
    TOTAL 16   MATH 254   Discrete Mathematics 3
*Prerequisites: MATH 106 and MATH 108 or satisfactory math placement score.         TOTAL 17
Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit   Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit
EDUC 200 2 Foundations of Education 3   EDUC 360 2 Survey of Exceptional Children (SO-MD) 3
MATH 309   Calculus III 4   CORE   Wellness 3
Core Curriculum   ART 3   MATH 307   Linear Algebra 3
PHYS 221L   General Physics I Lab (Req.) 1   PHYS 222   Physics II (Req.) 3
PHYS 221   General Physics I (Req.) 3   PHYS 222L   Physics II Lab (Req.) 1
Elective     3   Elective     3
    TOTAL 17       TOTAL 16
Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit   Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit
EDUC 320   Social & Psychological Conditions of Learning 4   EDUC 380   Technology in 21st-Century Teaching and Learning 3
MATH 310   Differential Equations 4   EDUC 370   Creating Learning Environments 3
MATH 312   Introduction to Abstract Algebra 3   MATH 329   Modeling 3
EDUC 420   Special Methods for Mathematics 3   MATH 314   Statistics 3
          Elective     4
    TOTAL 14       TOTAL 16
Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit   Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit
EDUC 443   Reading in the Content Area 3   EDUC 461   Student Teaching Seminar (WM) 3
EDUC 400   Inclusion in the Regular Classroom (WM and CP) 3   EDUC 45X   Student Teaching, Secondary Mathematics (CP) 9
MATH 304   History of Mathematics 3          
MATH 303   Geometry 3       TOTAL 12
    TOTAL 12       DEGREE TOTAL 120


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