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2022-2023 Shepherd University Catalog 
2022-2023 Shepherd University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health Education Teaching Endorsement Grades 5-Adult

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The Department of HPERS, in conjunction with the Department of Education, prepares health educators who are critical-thinking problem solvers able to encourage others to improve personal fitness and wellness habits, attitudes, and skill, thus promoting a more healthy and meaningful lifestyle.

This endorsement area may only be taken by students enrolled in and completing the Curriculum for Teaching Field in Physical Education K-Adult. It may not be taken alone, with any other certification program, or as a minor.

Curriculum for a Teaching Endorsement in Health Education Grades 5-Adult

Other Requirements for Health Education 5-Adult:

  1. Academic Requirements
    Students in health education 5-Adult student teaching field must meet the following criteria before enrolling in EDUC 455 - Student Teaching, Grades K-Adult :
    1. Earn a GPA of 2.75 in all health education and professional education courses combined;
    2. Earn an overall GPA of 2.75 in all course work attempted;
    3. Satisfy all requirements in the Handbook for Teachers of Health Education and Physical Education; and
    4. Be interviewed by the HPERS faculty for entrance into the teacher education program (Juncture 1) and student teaching block (Juncture 2).
  2. Out-of-Class Requirements for Teaching Health Education (complete four of the following health education growth experiences):
    1. Participate in organizing and administering four blood drives;
    2. Work as a student assistant in the Wellness Center or Human Performance Lab;
    3. Participate in a state, district, or national professional health education conference;
    4. Participate in a sanctioned workshop or activity related to health education;
    5. Observe in a 15-hour public school health education classroom experience; or
    6. Observe at 15 hours in a special (adapted) physical education class in an off-campus setting.

Individual potential as a professional educator will be closely examined as the student progresses through the curriculum. The Pro 05 evaluation form is for this purpose.

See Professional Education course listings under Education: Professional Studies Course for Secondary Education (34 hours required). 

Contact Person: Dr. Rosie Barretta, Butcher Center 204, 304-876-5233.

Four-Year Course Progression

Health Education Endorsement, Grades 5-Adult
Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit   Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit
EDUC 150 1 Seminar in Education (FYEX) 1   EDUC 200 2 Foundations of American Education (SO-MD) 3
Core Curriculum 1 ENGL 101 3   Core Curriculum 1 ENGL 102 or 103 3
Core Curriculum 1 History 3   BIOL 102 1 Lab Science (LS) 4
GSPE 210 2 Fitness for Life (WE) 3   Core Curriculum 1 Choose SO-CK with advisor 3
BIOL101 1 Lab Science (LS) 4   HLTH 225   First Aid/CPR 3
PHED 104   Foundations of Health and Physical Education 3       TOTAL 16
PHED 246   Aquatics 1          
    TOTAL 18          
Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit   Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit
COMM 202 2 Fundamentals of Speech (HM-GL or MD) (Req.) 3   EDUC 320   Social and Psychological Conditions of Learning 4
HLTH 203   Contemporary Health I 3   HLTH 204   Contemporary Health II 3
Core Curriculm 1 Mathematics (MA) 3   HLTH 370   Community Health 3
PHED 315   Gymnastics 2   PHED 405   Applied Kinesiology 3
PHED 380   Perceptual Motor Learning 2   PHED 326   Individual Sports 3
Core Curriculum 1 Choose AR with advisor 3       TOTAL 16
    TOTAL 16          
Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit   Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit
PHED 410   Tests and Measurements 3   EDUC 370   Creating Learning Environments 3
PHED 325   Team Sports 3   PHED 431   Special Methods of Physical Education 3
PHED 301   Elementary Physical Education 3   PHED 401   Teaching Adaptive Physical Education 3
PHED 370   Applied Anatomy and Physiology 3   PHED 400   Current Issues and Trends 3
HLTH 360   Health in the Schools 3   HLTH 300   Substance Use and Abuse 3
    TOTAL 15   HLTH 320   Human Sexuality 3
              TOTAL 18
Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit   Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit
EDUC 443   Reading in the Content Areas 3   EDUC 400   Inclusion in the Regular Classroom (WM-CP) 3
EDUC 380   Technology in 21st-Century Teaching and Learning 3   EDUC 455   Student Teaching 5-12 9
HLTH 432   Special Methods of Teaching Health Education in Elementary and Secondary Schools 3       TOTAL 12
PHED 406   Leadership in Health and Physical Education 3          
FACS 318   Nutrition 3       DEGREE TOTAL 120
    TOTAL 15          


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