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2022-2023 Shepherd University Catalog 
2022-2023 Shepherd University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Elementary Education Comprehensive, B.A.

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The purposes of elementary education multi-subjects specialization are:

  1. To promote teachers who are reflective problem solvers in the daily workplace of elementary schools;
  2. To promote teachers who plan and implement a learning environment responsive to the social and psychological conditions which characterize their school;
  3. To promote a strong background in child development and related pedagogical practices;
  4. To provide teachers with a wide range of teaching methodologies and strategies across many content areas;
  5. To promote a broadly based understanding of elementary school and its place and function in society; and
  6. To promote a desire for continued investigation of the teaching/learning dialectic beyond the undergraduate preparation.

Curriculum for a Major in Elementary Education

Professional Studies Core for Elementary Education

Specialty Studies for Elementary Education K–6


Electives: Students are encouraged to select upper-division courses for electives. The variety of options for courses can be discussed with an advisor.

Other Requirements: The School of Education has the responsibility for both the professional studies and specialty studies components of the elementary education specialization, so the student’s advisor will be from this department. Students should consult the elementary education specialization handbook for the most up-to-date policies, procedures, and requirements for this specialization.

Contact Person: Dr. Dori Hargrove, Knutti Hall 101A, 304-876-5039, or Director of the School of Education, Knutti Hall 108, 304-876-5222.

Four-Year Course Progression

Elementary Education
Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit   Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit
Core Curriculum 1 ENGL 101 3   Core Curriculum 1 ENGL 102 3
Core Curriculum 1 History-100 level 3   EDUC 150   Seminar in Education 1
BIOL 103 or 104   General Biological Science 4   MATH 105 1 College Algebra (MA) (Req.) 3
Core Curriculum 2 Choose AR with advisor 3   COMM 202 2 Fundamentals of Speech (HM-GL) (Req.) 3
GSPE 210 or NUTR 120 2 Fitness for Life 3   Core Curriculum 2 Choose SO-CK with advisor. PSCI 101 preferred. 3
    TOTAL 16   HIST 201, 202, or 203   History of the United States 3
              TOTAL 16
Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit   Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit
EDUC 200   Foundations of Education 3   GSCI 103 or 104   General Physical Science (LS) (Req.) 4
GSCI 103 or 104   General Physical Science (LS) (Req.) 4   MATH 109 (preferred) OR MATH 200 OR MATH 314   Statistical Reasoning OR Geometry and Measurement OR Statistics 3
Core Curriculum   Choose HM. ENGL 204 preferred 3   HIST 309   West Virginia and Appalachian Region 3
MATH 102   Math for Elementary Teachers 3   HLTH 310   Health and Physical Education for Elementary Educators 3
GEOG 105 (preferred) or GEOG 202   World Cultural Geography or World Regions (SO-GL) 3   EDUC 360 2 Survey of Exceptional Children (SO-MD) 3
    TOTAL 16       TOTAL 16
Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit   Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit
EDUC 320   Social and Psychological Conditions of Learning 4   EDUC 355   Reading and Language Arts I 3
EDUC 333   Foundations of Literacy 3   EDUC 356   Elementary Science Methods 3
ARED 325   Aesthetic Inquiry 3   EDUC 357   Elementary Social Studies Methods 3
MUSC 226   Classroom Music Education 3   EDUC 358   Elementary Practicum I 4
EDUC 380   Innovative Technology 3   EDUC 341   Math Methods for Elementary Teachers 3
    TOTAL 16       TOTAL 16
Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit   Sub./Course No. Tier Title Credit
EDUC 359   Reading and Language Arts II 3   EDUC 451 OR 3 Elementary Residency II (CP) OR  
EDUC 400   Inclusion in the Regular Classroom 3   EDUC 450   Student Teaching, Elementary School Grades K-6 (CP) 9
EDUC 364 OR   Elementary Residency I OR     **EDUC 461   Student Teaching Seminar (WM) 3
EDUC 363   Elementary Practicum II 6       TOTAL 12
    TOTAL 12          
7/11/22             DEGREE TOTAL 120

Notes: EDUC 333 was added to program in 2013; it replaces the elective in Fall, Third Year. EDUC 341 was added to program in 2016; it replaces MATH 300 (comparable course now taught in the Education Department instead of Mathematics Department. **EDUC 461 is designated as the Writing in the Major course for Education. 


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