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2015-2016 Shepherd University Catalog 
2015-2016 Shepherd University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


CORE CODES appear throughout the Catalog and the semester Schedule of Classes (both print and on-line) to identify courses that have been approved to satisfy requirements within the Core Curriculum of the university.  Consult with your advisor as to specific Core Curriculum requirements that may be designated within your academic program.

Code Description Tier/Requirement
AR Arts Tier Two (3 credits)
CK Civic Knowledge and Engagement Tier Two (courses must include one with this code)
CP Capstone Tier Three (required in major)
FY First-Year Experience Tier One (minimum 1 credit)
GL Global Awareness Tier Two (courses must include one with this code)
HM Humanities Tier Two (6 credits)
LS Lab Science Tier One (complete a full 8-credit sequence of the same science)
MA Mathematics Tier One (3-4 credits)
MD Multiculturalism and Diversity Tier Two (courses must include one with this code)
SO Social Sciences Tier Two (9 credits)
WE Wellness Tier Two (3 credits)
WM Writing in the Major Tier Two (required in major)