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2015-2016 Shepherd University Catalog 
2015-2016 Shepherd University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduate Faculty

Graduate Faculty

Graduate Faculty Status and Qualifications

Graduate faculty play an essential role in graduate education. They are responsible for program content, serve on graduate student committees, and assure the quality of preparations of Shepherd University’s graduates. Service as a graduate member, member of the graduate council, or other graduate faculty committee should be recognized in the faculty member’s annual report, as well as any applications for pre-tenure, tenure, and promotion. 

Schools and graduate program coordinators should develop an appropriate timeline for recommending graduate faculty. Faculty applications are reviewed by the department chair for recommendation and, upon approval, are submitted to the school dean and dean of graduate studies with final approval by the vice president for academic affairs. The current cycle of graduate faculty serve for five years, with the next review of status taking place in 2019.

Full qualifications may be found in Appendix J of the Faculty Handbook.

Alexander, Keith, Assistant Professor of History and Director of Archives, Robert C. Byrd Center for Congressional History and Education. B.A., Penn State University, 1992; M.A., University of Maryland, College Park, 1996; Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park, 2003. (2006)

Barnett, Andro, Associate Professor in Recreation and Leisure Studies and Graduate Program Track Coordinator, M.B.A.-Sport Management. B.S., Jackson State University, 1990; M.S., Mississippi State University, 1991; Ph.D., Temple University, 2005. (1999)

Beard, R. Scott, Professor of Music, Dean, Graduate Studies and Continuing Education, and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs. B.M., 1986, Peabody Institute, Johns Hopkins University; M.M., D.M.A., University of Maryland, College Park, 1990, 1996. (1999)

Best, Jason, Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics. B.S. Indiana University, 1992; Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, 1997. (1997)

• Brasher, Sally M., Associate Professor of History. B.A., 1983, University of Colorado; M.A., 1994, Minnesota State University; Ph.D., 2001, Catholic University of America. (2004)

Burke, Dawne, Professor of Education. B.A., Shepherd College, 1995; M.A., West Virginia University, 1998; Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2004. (2004)

• Burkey, Doris, Assistant Professor of Nursing Education and Graduate Program Track Coordinator, Nurse Practitioner: Family Nurse Practitioner. B.S.N., University of Maryland, Baltimore, 1997; M.S.N., University of Maryland, Baltimore, 2003; D.N.P., West Virginia University, 2014. (2015)

• Cantrell, Mark, Associate Professor of English and Director of Honors Program. B.F.A., University of Georgia, 1993; A.B., University of Georgia, 1996; M.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1998; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2005. (2009)

Clayton, Laura H., Professor of Nursing Education and Graduate Program Track Coordinator, Nursing Leadership: Education. B.S.N., Alderson Broaddus College, 1983; M.S.N., F.N.P, West Virginia University, 1993; Ph.D., West Virginia University, 2006. (1993)

Cole, Tauna, Associate Professor of Education and Director of Teacher Education. R.B.A., West Virginia University, 1990; M.A., West Virginia University, 1990, 1996, 1998; Ed.D., West Virginia University, 1998. (2006)

Cook, Mark, Associate Professor of Music and Director of Jazz Studies. B.M.E., Peabody Institute, Johns Hopkins University, 1978; M.A., Catholic University, 1990; Ph.D., Catholic University, 2004. (2005)

Corpus, Kathleen, Associate Professor of Family and Consumer Sciences and Chair, Business Administration and Family and Consumer Sciences. A.A., American River College, 1978; B.A., California State University, Sacramento, 1980; M.A., Washington State University, 1982; Ph.D., Kansas State University, 1987. (2008)

DeMeritt, E. Gordon, Associate Professor of Business Administration. B.S., Valparaiso University, 1972; M.B.A., Averett University, 2000; Ph.D., Capella University, 2005. (2003)

DiLella, Dan, Professor of Chemistry and Chair, Department of Chemistry. B.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1972; Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, 1978. (1994)

Dobish, Heidi B., Associate Professor of Psychology and Chair, Department of Psychology. B.S., Northeastern University, 1994; M.S., Tufts University, 1999; Ph.D., Tufts University, 2004. (2005)

Ellzey, Mary Elizabeth, Professor of English and Chair, Department of English and Modern Languages. B.A., Carnegie-Mellon University, 1969; M.A., University of Pittsburgh, 1971; Ph.D., Catholic University of America, 1988. (1989)

Evanisko, Sonya E., Professor of Art and Coordinator of Painting Program. B.F.A., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 1989; M.F.A., Indiana State University, 1992. (1993)

Gocmen, Tuncer, Associate Professor of Economics. B.A., Ankara University, 1994; M.A., Ohio University, 1998; Ph.D., West Virginia University, 2005. (2004)

Gonzol, David, Associate Professor of Music. B.S., Messiah College, 1977; M.M.E., Temple University 1979; Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park, 1995. (2005)

Groves, Michael, Assistant Professor of Nursing Education and Graduate Coordinator, Health Administration Program. B.S.N., Seton Hall University, 1978; M.S., University of Maryland University College, 1993; Ph.D., Texas Women’s University, 2011. (2012)

Guzide, Osman, Associate Professor of Computer and Information Sciences. B.S., Hacettepe University, 1989; M.S., Hacettepe University, 1989; Ph.D., Lehigh University, 2000. (2004)

hannah, c. lynne, Professor of Education. B.S., 1979, M.A., 1984, West Virginia University; Ph.D., 1991, McGill University. (1999)

Hanrahan, Heidi, Associate Professor of English. B.A., Roanoke College, 1999; M.A., University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2001; Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2005. (2007)

Hendrickson-Lambert, Sher, Assistant Professor of Biology. B.S., 1994, M.S., 1995, University of Wisconsin-Parkside; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, 2003. (2012)

Henriksson, Anders H., Professor of History. B.A., University of Rochester, 1971; M.A., University of Toronto, 1972; Ph.D., 1978. (1985)

Hicks, Virginia L., Professor of Health and Physical Education and Dean, School of Education and Professional Studies. A.A., Kirkwood Community College, 1970; B.S., University of Iowa, 1972; M.A., University of Iowa, 1981; Ph.D., University of New Mexico, 1992. (2006)

Hippensteel, Scott, Assistant Professor of Music/Director of Bands. B.M., Indiana University Bloomington, 1990; M.A., Ball State University, 1998; D.A., Ball State University, 2011. (2011)

• Holtslag, Arend (Aart), Assistant Professor of Political Science. Doctoraal, Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen, 1989; Diplome, International Institute of Human Rights, 1992;  Ph.D., Florida International University, 2004. (2012)

• Johnson, LeAnn, Assistant Professor of Education. B.S., Utah State University, 1983; M.Ed., 1987, Ph.D., 1993, University of Maryland, College Park. (2012)

Kendig, Stacey M., Assistant Professor of Recreation, Sports, and Leisure Studies and Chair, Department of Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Sports. B.S., 1983; M.S., 1999, Frostburg State University; Ph.D., West Virginia University, 2013. (2006)

Kennard, Douglas F., Professor of Education. B.S., Ball State University, 1971; M.A., Ohio State University, 1974; Ph.D., Ohio State University, 1978. (1992)

• Legreid, Ann Marie, Professor of Geography and Dean, School of Business and Social Sciences. B.S., University of Wisconsin-River Falls, 1976; M.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison 1979; Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1985. (2008)

Levitan, Lindsey, Assistant Professor of Psychology. B.S., Carnegie Mellon University, 2001; M.A., 2004, Ph.D., 2007, University of Chicago. (2013)

Li, Meng Yang, Associate Professor of Chemistry. B.S., Nanjing University, 1982; M.S., Beijing University, 1985; M.S., University of Rochester, 1989; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1995. (2008)

Liao, Weidong, Associate Professor of Computer and Information Sciences. B.E., Northeastern University, China, 1991; M.E., Northeastern University, China, 1994; M.S., Kent State University, 1999; Ph.D., Kent State University, 2003. (2004)

Lovelace, Christopher, Assistant Professor of Psychology. B.A., Wake Forest University, 1990; M.A., American University, 1993; Ph.D., American University, 2000. (2011)

Mailey, Sharon, Professor of Nursing Education and Chair, Department of Nursing Education. B.S.N., Berea College, 1969; M.S., University of North Carolina, 1976; Ph.D., University of North Carolina, 1993. (2008)

Mercado, Rebecca, Associate Professor of Education. B.A., University of Texas, 1969; M.Ed., University of Houston, 1973; Ph.D.,  University of Maryland, College Park, 2007. (2008)

Messenger, Carrie, Assistant Professor of English. B.A., Yale University, 1994; M.F.A., University of Iowa, 2000; Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago, 2010. (2010)

Mitchell, Belinda B., Assistant Professor of Education. B.S., Radford University, 1996; M.S., Radford University 2006; Ph.D., University of Kansas, Lawrence, 2011. (2011)

Nixon, Timothy, Associate Professor of English. B.A., Belmont University, 1987; M.A., William and Mary, 1992; Ph.D., George Washington University, 2005. (2006)

Nolan, Colleen J., Professor of Biology and Dean, School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. B.S., Washington State University, 1982; M.S., University of Idaho, 1984; Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 1987. (2009)

Place, Greg, Associate Professor of Recreation and Leisure. B.A., Spring Arbor College, 1984; M.S., Central Michigan University, 1997; Ph.D., Indiana University, 2000. (2011)

Pologeorgis, Nicolas, Assistant Professor of Business Administration. B.A., Drury University, 1986; M.B.A., Missouri State University, 1992; Ph.D., University of Missouri-Kansas City, 2002. (2013)

Renninger, Laura A., Professor of Music History and Dean, Teaching, Learning, and Instructional Resources. B.M., Miami (Ohio) University, 1991; M.M., Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1993, 1999. (1999)

• Robbins, Joseph, Associate Professor of Political Science and Graduate Program Track Coordinator: M.B.A.-Public Management. B.S., Eastern Illinois University, 2002; M.S., Eastern Illinois University, 2003; Ph.D., Texas Tech University, 2008. (2009)

Shurbutt, Sylvia Bailey, Professor of English. B.A., West Georgia College, 1965; M.A., Georgia Southern College, 1974; Ph.D., University of Georgia, 1982. (1987)

Slocum-Schaffer, Stephanie, Associate Professor of Political Science and Chair, Department of Political Science. B.A., Bucknell University, 1989; Ph.D., American University, 1996. (2002)

Smith, Rhonda J., Professor of Art and Chair, Department of Contemporary Art and Theater. B.F.A., Eastern Kentucky University, 1974; M.F.A., University of North Texas, 1976. (1987)

Stevens, Richard A., Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator of College Student Development and Administration. B.A., College of William and Mary, 1989; M.S., Iowa State University, 1991; Ph.D., University of Maryland, 2000. (2008)

Stump, Jacob, Assistant Professor of Political Science. B.A., East Tennessee State University, 2002; M.A., Ohio University, 2004; Ph.D., American University, 2010. (2010)

Toole, Georgiann, Associate Professor of Education and Coordinator of Graduate Education Programs. B.A., Shepherd College, 1979; M.M.., Shenandoah Conservatory of Shenandoah University, 1997; Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2003. (2007)

• Tuttle, James II, Associate Professor of Education. B.A., James Madison University, 1982; M.A., James Madison University, 1984; Ph.D., University of Virginia, 2001. (2003)

Vance, Cynthia, Assistant Professor of Accounting. B.S., Shepherd College, 1988; M.B.A., Shenandoah University, 1995; Certified Public Accountant. (2011)

Wang, Qing, Associate Professor of Mathematics. B.S., Hunan Normal University, China, 1999; M.S., Hunan Normal University, China, 2002. (2007)

• Warburton, Robert J., Professor of Biochemistry and Assistant Dean of Teaching and Learning. B.Sc., University of Essex, England, 1981; M.S., Duquesne University, 1984; Ph.D., Duquesne University, 1990. (1993)

Williams, Kevin, Professor of Mass Communications. B.A., Ramapo College of New Jersey, 1987; M.A., William Patterson College of New Jersey, 1990; Ph.D., Ohio University, 1995. (1993)

Wojtowicz, Ralph, Associate Professor of Mathematics. B.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1988; M.S., University of Illinois, 1992; Ph.D., University of Illinois, 2002. (2011)

Xie, Yuying, Associate Professor of Economics. B.A., Southwestern University, 2001; M.B.A., Baldwin-Wallace College, 2003; Ph.D., Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2008. (2008)

Zimmer, William, Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Graduate Coordinator, M.B.A. Program. B.S., West Virginia University, 1974; M.S., West Virginia University, 1976; Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1982. (2010)

Affiliate Graduate Faculty

As defined in Appendix J of the Faculty Handbook, affiliate graduate faculty must remain current and adept in the discipline, and must demonstrate evidence of currency (defined as within the last five years) in the area of scholarship and creative activities. Schools, departments, and graduate program coordinators should develop an appropriate timeline for recommending affiliate graduate faculty. Faculty applications are reviewed by the department chair for recommendation and, upon approval, are submitted to the school dean and dean of graduate studies with final approval by the vice president for academic affairs. Duties and privileges of affiliate graduate faculty are found in the faculty handbook www.shepherd.edu/employees/senate/documents/handbook.pdf. The date in parentheses is the date of status review and renewal.

Adams, John, B.A., B.S., Shepherd College, 1970, 1973; M.S. Shippensburg University, 1976; Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic and State University, 1997. (2016)

• Allen, Jason, B.A., Shepherd College, 1998; M.A., West Virginia University, 2002; Ed.D., West Virginia University, 2009. (2017)

Anderson, Douglas, B.S. Park University, 1981; M.A. Central Michigan University, 1982; M.B.A. Central Missouri State University, 1983; M.S.S. Air War College, 2001; D.H.A. (in progress) Central Michigan University. (2016)

• Aytac, Berrin, B.S., Middle East Technical University, 2001; M.S., Lehigh University, 2004; Ph.D., Lehigh University, 2009. (2017)

Booth, Adam, B.M. University of South Carolina, 2004; M.M. Case Western Reserve University, 2006.  (2015)

• Butler, Randy, B.S., University of Memphis, 1978; M.B.A., Bellevue University, 2003; M.A., George Mason University, 2007; D.B.A., Walden University, 2014. (2016)

Donohoe, Elizabeth, B.A. North Carolina State University, 1970; M.A., University of Colorado, 1983; Ed.D., University of Virginia, 1993.  (2016)

• Files, Michelle, B.A., Shepherd University, 2006; M.B.A., Shepherd University, 2013; Certified Public Accountant. (2016)

Fulford, Michael, B.A. The University of Georgia, 1996; M.Ed., The University of Georgia, 1998; Ph.D. Georgia State University, 2008.  (2016)

Gibson, Alan, B.A. Washington and Lee University, 1970; M.S., Georgetown University, 1977; Ph.D. candidate Georgetown University, 1978.  (2016)

• Grande, Steven, B.S., University of Minnesota, 1990; M.A., University of Maryland, 1993; Ph.D., University of Marlyand, 2004. (2017)

Haines, Renee, B.S. West Virginia University, 2005; M.A. West Virginia University, 2008.  (2015)

Hause, Spedden, B.A. Hood College, 1984; M.S. The Johns Hopkins University, 1986; Ph.D. University of Maryland 1992.  (2016)

Isherwood, Alex, B.A., San Diego State University, 1973; M.A., San Diego State University, 1975; Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1986.  (2016)

Johnson, LeAnn, B.S., Utah State University, 1983; M.Ed., University of Maryland, 1987; Ph.D., University of Maryland, 1993.  (2016)

Kirby, Linda, B.A., James Madison University, 1969; M.Ed., University of Virginia, 1973; Ph.D., California National Open University, 1978; Ph.D., George Mason University, 2007.  (2016)

Leggett, Lana, B.A., Kent State University, 1975; M.A., Kent State University, 1981; M.B.A., Ashland University, 1987; Ph.D., Kent State University, 1981.  (2016)

• Pauley, Jason, B.S., West Virginia University, 1999; M.A., College of Charleston, 2001; M.A., West Virginia University, 2010; Principal Certification, West Virginia University 2013. (2017)

Rumpf, Randy, B.A. Shepherd University, 1998; M.M.E., Ithaca College, 2003; Ph.D., University of Maryland, 2012.  (2016)

Sandstrom, Dirk, B.S. University of Utah, 1990; M.P.H., University of Utah, 1994.  (2016)

Scharmer, Robert, B.S. Shepherd University, 1984; B.S., University of Baltimore, 198X; M.B.A. University of Baltimore, 1987; J.D. University of Baltimore, 1987; LL.M., Georgetown University, 2000.  (2016)

• Segar, Thomas C., B.S., University of Maryland, 1996; M.S., Shippensburg University, 2000; Ph.D., University of Maryland, 2012. (2016)

Shaw, Mary, B.A., Bate College, 1974; M.S. Syracuse University, 1976; M.S. University of New Orleans, 2000; Ph.D., University of North Carolina, 2003.  (2016).

Smith, Douglas, B.A., University of Tampa, 1967; B.Ed., University of Tampa, 1967; M.A., University of North Carolina, 1969; M.A., Ph.D., West Virginia University, 1973, 1975; Ed.S., Litt.D., Columbia University, 1977, 1993; D.H.L. Glennville State University, 1999. (2016)

Strine, Nancy, B.A., University of South Carolina, 1979; M.P.A., University of South Carolina, 1984.  (2016)

York, Judy, B.A., Virginia Tech, 1991; M.B.A. Penn. State University, 2001; M.S. Penn State University, 2003.  (2016)