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2009 - 2011 Catalog 
2009 - 2011 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Studies Curriculum

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Shepherd University has established the following general studies program which is required for all bachelor’s degrees except the Regents B.A. degree, which has a separate set of requirements found under that section of the Catalog. The courses listed would usually be taken during the student’s first two years of University work and are designed to give the student a foundation in the humanities, life or physical sciences, mathematics, social sciences, and physical education. In addition, basic computer literacy is required including e-mail use, Internet use, electronic library research, and word processing skills. These courses and requirements should assist the student in developing the ability to synthesize knowledge, both past and contemporary, to develop values, attitudes, and traits associated with an educated person in the modern world, and to provide the basis for a liberal arts education. Courses required in general studies may be cross-counted if also required in either a student’s major or minor. Cross-counting of courses is not allowed between majors and minors. For additional information, students should contact their advisor or the registrar. A total of 47 semester hours of course work is required as follows:


*Students who score below 18 on the English section of the ACT (or 450 on the SAT Verbal test) must enroll in ENGL 100A  and ENGL 100B  in place of ENGL 101 . For further information, see Academic Support Services  and the course listings .

HNRS 101  (Honors Core) is restricted to students enrolled in the Honors Program. HNRS 101  satisfies the ENGL 101  requirement and one World History requirement (HIST 100 , 101 , 103 , or 104, as determined by the director of the Honors Program).


‡ The West Virginia Core Coursework Agreement provides transfer students a measure of flexibility in satisfying general studies requirements. At Shepherd, a single 4-credit transfer course in Biology may be substituted for one General Studies Lab Science (except where the degree program requires a specific General Studies Lab Science sequence). In most cases, however, because of the sequence of our biology curriculum the student MAY NOT take another General Studies Biology to complete the sequence. Instead, transfer students may complete the 8-credit requirement by taking any 4-credit NON-BIOLOGY General Studies Lab Science listed in the Catalog: CHEM, GSCI, or PHYS.


**Students who score below 19 on the Mathematics section of the ACT (or 460 on the SAT Quantitative test) must enroll in MATH 101A.  and MATH 101B.  For further information, see Academic Support Services  and thecourse listings .

PHYSICAL EDUCATION—2 semester hours


FOREIGN LANGUAGE—12 semester hours (required only for B.A. programs, except education).


Students in the B.A. program (not including education) are required to complete 12 semester hours in the same foreign language, except music students whose requirements must be approved by the chairs of the Music and English and Modern Languages departments. Two years of German or French or both are recommended for students who anticipate going to graduate or professional school. The foreign language requirement for the B.A. degree can be satisfied in any of the following ways:

  1. By successfully passing the University Foreign Language Placement Test.
    Beginning in the fall semester 1990, all students who have had course work in a foreign language and who wish to fulfill the foreign language requirement for the B.A. degree will take a placement test to determine their competency in that language. Placement tests in French and Spanish will be administered by a member of the foreign language faculty during registration for the fall and spring semesters. Performance on placement tests will be evaluated by a member of the foreign language faculty who, with the approval of the chair of the Department of English and Modern Languages, will determine the course level at which the student must begin his or her language study at Shepherd University.

    A strong performance on the Foreign Language Placement Test may entitle the student to waive three, six, nine, or twelve credit hours, corresponding to one, two, three, or four semesters of foreign language study at Shepherd University. A student receives no credit for waived courses. Permission to retake a Foreign Language Placement Test rests with the chair of the Department of English and Modern Languages.
  2. By receiving advanced placement credit for foreign language examinations.
    A score of four on the advanced placement tests in French, German, or Spanish entitles a student to three hours credit in the same language, while a score of five entitles a student to six hours credit. No credit will be awarded for scores of three, two, or one.
  3. By successfully completing CLEP tests in French, German, or Spanish.
    For the University’s policy on taking CLEP tests, see Section II, Admissions.

*Since major fields of study may have specific requirements for mathematics or science courses, students should consult their academic advisor in selecting these courses.

**Students majoring in accounting, business administration, economics, environmental studies, and students pursuing a teaching field in social studies (5-12) must take ECON 205 . Students with a minor in business administration or economics must take ECON 205 . Students cannot receive credit for ECON 123  after completing ECON 205  and ECON 206 .

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