May 15, 2021  
2009 - 2011 Catalog 
2009 - 2011 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Social Work Comprehensive, B.S.W.

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Curriculum for a Comprehensive Major in Social Work

Minimum hours required (including free electives), 128 Hours:

General studies requirements, 47 Hours:

Specific general studies requirements:

Social work curriculum requirements, 69 Hours:

Every Shepherd student needs a general studies math course. Social work also requires a statistics course. MATH 314 will satisfy both of these requirements. However, MATH 314 has prerequisites which may also need to be taken if this course is chosen. If another statistics course is chosen, students must make sure they also complete a general studies math course. If MATH 314 is the only math course taken, then three additional elective credits will be needed to fulfill credits required for graduation.

Required electives, 9 Hours:

 At least one of the required electives must be a social work elective


Additionally, students may choose any women’s studies course, any sociology course, or any foreign language (including sign language), study abroad course, co-op course(s), or advisor-approved elective in extraordinary circumstances.

General electives, 12 Hours:

 *MATH 314 also satisfies the general studies math requirement. Students must complete one additional elective if they do not take a lower level math course.

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