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2009 - 2011 Catalog 
2009 - 2011 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biology, B.S.

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The biology curricula enable students to build a knowledge base about their physical and biological universe; foster an attitude of inquiry; and develop a functional understanding of the process of science, the interrelatedness of the various scientific disciplines, and the interactions of science, society, and technology. The biology curricula also provide opportunities for students to develop a variety of laboratory, field, and technical skills vital to success in the pursuit of knowledge in biology. Each student will be given the opportunity to gain invaluable experience in biology through the required internship component of the curriculum to be completed at local, state, or federal institutions. In some cases this may also be accomplished by working with specific faculty on research topics. In addition to the above goals, the biology 9-12 teaching field complies with and endorses the conceptual framework of the Shepherd University teacher education program and strives to produce teachers who are capable reflective problem solvers.

Curriculum for a Major in Biology


The prerequisite for MATH 205 is competence equivalent to successful completion of MATH 108  and the prerequisite for MATH 314  is competence equivalent to successful completion of MATH 108  or 154 .

Total hours required, 46-49 Hours:

Curriculum for a Comprehensive Major in Biology—Ecological Science Concentration

The curriculum enables the student to attain a broad understanding of the physical and life sciences. The comprehensive program provides a fundamental understanding of science and encourages the development of critical thinking and an attitude of inquiry. Program flexibility allows for concentrations within the areas of organismic and ecological sciences to provide the needed breadth and depth of knowledge required for specific post-graduate education and employment.

Total hours required, 128-130 Hours:

General studies (other than science and mathematics), 36 Hours:

Additional upper-division electives *, 26-28 Hours:

BIOL any 300 or above except BIOL 350, 8 Hours:

CHEM 300 or above, 8 Hours:

Electives, 10-12 Hours:


 * Students considering pursing advanced degrees should consider taking the following courses as electives: BIOL 305 , 344  , 394 ; CHEM 315 , 315L , 316 , 316L , 329 , 330 .

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