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2011-2012 Shepherd University Catalog 
2011-2012 Shepherd University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Tuition and Fees–Graduate

The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission regulations require the University to operate strictly on a cash basis with all payments and obligations being collected in advance. All tuition and fees must be collected in full for each semester on enrollment (registration) day.

If payment is made by check, registration will be considered incomplete until the check covering the required fees has cleared the bank on which it is written. The cashier will accept cash, money orders, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover), or approved personal checks written for the exact amount of the obligation. All checks must be payable to Shepherd University, and third-party checks will not be accepted. A student’s registration may be cancelled when payment is made by a check, which is dishonored by the bank. If the return check is in payment of tuition and fees, the business office is required to declare the fees unpaid and registration cancelled. The return of a check for any reason constitutes late registration, and the applicable late-registration fee shall be assessed In such case the student may be reinstated upon redemption of the unpaid check, payment of the $10 returned-check handling charge, and payment of the applicable late fee of $25. The returned-check fee of $10 will be collected for each check returned unpaid by the bank upon which it is drawn, unless the drawer obtains an admission of error from the bank.

All student charges are payable at the time of registration for each semester. Students in debt to the University from a previous semester or term will not be permitted to enroll until all obligations are paid. Any outstanding and unpaid financial obligation to the University can result in withholding the student’s grades, transcript of credits, diploma, and official reports. Students will not be permitted to attend classes until registration has been completed.

If a student has a short-term loan or has had any other outstanding financial obligation with Shepherd University and has defaulted, i.e., the student’s account has been referred to an attorney, the magistrate’s court, or a collection agent, the student will not be eligible to borrow short-term loans in the future.

2010-2011 Graduate Tuition and Fees

In-State Tuition:
  1 Hour $335.00
  2 Hours $670,00
  3 Hours $1,005.00
  4 Hours $1,340.00
  5 Hours $1,675.00
  6 Hours $2,010.00
  7 Hours $2,345.00
  8 Hours $2,680.00
  9 Hours or more $3,015.00
Out-of-State Tuition:
  1 Hour $475.00
  2 Hours $950.00
  3 Hours $1,425.00
  4 Hours $1,900.00
  5 Hours $2,375.00
  6 Hours $2,850.00
  7 Hours $3,325.00
  8 Hours $3,800.00
  9 Hours or more $4,275.00
Metro Rate Tuition*:
  1 Hour $460.00
  2 Hours $920.00
  3 Hours $1,380.00
  4 Hours $1,840.00
  5 Hours $2,300.00
  6 Hours $2,760.00
  7 Hours $3,220.00
  8 Hours $3,680.00
  9 Hours or more $4,140.00

* For students living adjacent to West Virginia in the following states and counties: Maryland–Garrett, Allegany, and Washington; Virginia–Loudoun, Clarke, Frederick, Shenandoah, Rockingham, Augusta, Highland.

This graduate tuition and fee schedule was current at the time of catalog publication. For the 2011-2012 tuition and fee schedule, please click here

Refund Policy

Students who withdraw from all courses in accordance with University procedures may receive a refund of tuition and fees in accordance with the schedules outlined below. Refunds are determined from the first day of the school term, which officially begins with Orientation and Registration Days. The official withdrawal date is certified by the registrar. Refund checks are issues through the State Treasury and receipt of a refund may take up to six weeks. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON PARTIAL WITHDRAWALS.

Regular Session  
During the first and second weeks 90%
During third and fourth weeks 70%
During fifth and sixth weeks 50%
Beginning with seventh week No Refund
Summer Term  
During first, second, and third class days 90%
During fourth, fifth, and sixth class days 70%
During seventh and eight class days 50%
Beginning ninth class day No Refund

Students should go to the Registrar’s Office (110 Ikenberry Hall) to withdraw from the University. Irregular withdrawals yield failing grades in enrolled courses. Withdrawal from the University must be reported and financial clearance made at the Cashier’s Office.